Advice On Lax Parking

Advice On Lax Parking That Every L.A Traveler Should Know

In most cases, the stress related to any airport starts before you even get out of your car. The truth behind LAX parking is that you need to know how you can navigate around LAX’s 15,000 hourly, daily and long-term parking options. Your goal behind this quest should be aimed at how you can enter and exit this terminal efficiently at the most affordable cost in both money and time. Below are a few tips you can consider to make this situation an easier one.

The Further Away you Park The More You Can Save

It is a fact that there are a host of cheaper alternatives when you decide to use parking that is further away from the central parking-terminals. Some of these options include Lot C which is economy parking situated at Sepulveda and 96th. However, it is important to know that the shuttles that run from these locations are less frequent. If you decide to use this option make sure you arrive early.

Hide Your Valuables

When you need to park your car for extended periods of time at the airport remember to ensure your car is locked and there are no valuables lying around on the seats. The LAX officials adopt the saying that states “Lock It, Hide It, Keep It”.

Use The Metro’s FlyAway Bus

A portion of LA’s public efforts for transit include the FlyAway bus. These FlyAway stations provide long term LAX parking options for travelers along with the LAX shuttles. These specific buses cover the majority of the L.A neighborhoods that leave from Westwood through to Union Station. You can easily check up on the departure times and book a seat for around $10.

The Best Of The Rest

There are several options that fall beyond the official parking lots of LAX, and many of these choices can be conducted with a quick Internet search. One of the top rated options would include The Parking Spot that include locations on Sepulveda Blvd and Century. Similar to the FlyAway, this option allows for a shuttle service and a way to park your car securely at an affordable price. Another reputable option would be Park ‘N Fly which is situated only a few short blocks from LAX airport. Up and coming services that include FlightCar have managed to change the way the public sees airport parking by offering individuals a method to make money while they are away.

Mapping It Out

This may seem like a silly request, but when you take the time to know a bit about the airport setup, you can familiarize yourself with the parking lot terminal you should be heading for well before you arrive. LAX is described as a one-way circle along with the parking structures situated in the middle. If you are able to map out your route before you make plans to travel to the airport you can avoid the chances of going round and round in circles.

A Guide To Lax Long Term Parking Rates

The LAX airport services the California and Los Angeles regions and is positioned in the area of downtown Los Angeles. This airport is the regarded as the busiest in California. When it comes to LAX long term parking rates, there are abundant parking options. Drivers have the choice of two-on airport parking choices as well as various off-site garages and lots situated nearby to the airport. Below is a guide on the parking rates for long term options.

When deciding to park at the Los Angeles airport site, the rates for parking start from $3 an hour and $12 a day when choosing the Economy Parking Lot.

LAX Parking Coupons, Discounts And Resources

When parking near or at the LAX airport, it can become expensive for those who plan to park for a number of days. Below are a few ideas to locate the best coupons, discounts and rates to make parking a more affordable choice.

LAX Airport Status

This is an app that offers an extensive amount of LAX information. This includes real-time arrival and departure status along with interactive maps to assist the traveler in finding the right gates. In addition, this app offers information for all major LAX garages and parking lots for both offsite and on-site. This particular app can only be used with Android devices.

The Official LAX Airport Parking Page

This page offers information on airport news and rates.


Many of the garages situated near LAX are involved with Groupon and is a useful site for searching for ways to save on LAX long term parking rates.


This site specializes in selling extra inventory that comes from the parking operators situated close to LAX at discounted rates.

Global Airport Parking

This search engine for airport parking allows users to look for available parking options and then compare the different rates. All that is required is to stipulate the time-frame that the user is looking to park for and they are quickly provided with lists of parking options and rates. This useful resource comes along with interactive maps.

Airport Parking Reservations

This easy to use search engine dedicated to airport parking allows the user to compare the rates for parking along with the time frames. Once the search criteria are put in, the results return a number of options that also includes hotel parking options and specials.

About Airport Parking

This very simple app and search engine allows users to compare the competitive rates for parking at LAX. Once the duration for parking has been entered, the user is offered with a variety of choices that are organized by price. This app allows for other options such as self-park or valet.


This particular app is compared to having a personalized airport concierge. The information provides offers access to flight information and availability in parking lots in real-time. Other functionalities of this app come with itinerary management and are available for use with Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

Lax Airport Parking Coupons.

Using LAX Airport Parking Coupons

If you have ever been to the city of angels, you know just how much of a madhouse Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) can be from time to time. When you want to be sure that you are able to ease into and out of LAX, you will need to be sure that you get your hands on the best parking service for the job. This will allow you to take full advantage of your airport travel, but you can also be sure that you lower your cost of parking by looking into LAX airport parking coupons.

What are these coupons and how can I use them?

These coupons can either be used physically in person or in the form of a coupon code that can be used when booking through an online check out. There are a variety of parking companies that you will be able to do business with in this regard and just as many coupon opportunities that you can take advantage of. This is incredibly important, because airport parking can be incredibly expensive over the long term. If you know that you are keeping your car parked at the airport for a lengthy trip, you should definitely find some coupons that will be useful to you.

What should I do to find these coupons and apply them to the best of my ability?

When you need to get your hands on these coupons, you should first and foremost learn where to look. The first place you should check is with individual parking companies that are contracted through LAX. Many of these parking coordinators will offer temporary coupons on a regular basis, but it will be up to you to be checking their site and listings regularly. They are also plenty of third-party websites that will offer discount codes or printable coupons that you can use whenever you need to.

Is there anything else that I should keep in mind about these parking coupons?

Always make sure that you read the fine print on the coupons so that you understand how long you are covered for and when the coupon expires. When possible, make sure that you get a confirmation, voucher or pay up front so that you know the coupon will be honored and accepted by the parking company. This will allow you to save plenty of money on your parking.

If you are looking to cut down on the amount of money that you pay for your parking, you will be able to follow these tips and use them to the best of your ability. These coupons will come in handy a great deal for you, so you should allow yourself to make the most out of these points by using these tips thoroughly.

So if you need this sort of help and service, don’t hesitate to begin looking around for some of the best parking coupons that you can get your hands on whenever you need them.